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Hoiusing costs as a pc of ghi, national by pc segments

Housing affordability affecting new home buyers and low income earners the most

 The Australian Bureau of Statistics this week released a fascinating set of data; Housing Occupancy and Costs, 2011-12 (see the release here).  The release provides a very thorough overview about housing costs across different regions and age groups, income levels, tenure types and a wide range of other factors. The average (mean) cost of housing […]

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Property operators and real estate services

Fewer Australian real estate businesses over the 2012 financial year

 The ABS released their Counts of Australian Businesses data last week.  The data largely flew under the radar, but there are some interesting findings in the data that relate to the housing market and those people working within industries associated with housing either directly or indirectly. As a stark reminder about the realities of starting […]

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home sales small

What happens to housing values and sales volumes following an election?

In last week’s blog I looked at what happens to the housing market in the 12 months leading up to a federal election, this week I take a look at what happens in the 12 months after a federal election.  Once again, we have looked at movement in capital city home values and national house […]

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home sales small

What happens to housing values and sales volumes in the lead-up to an election?

Over recent months I have heard lots of commentary about the expected slowdown in the housing market in the lead-up to a Federal election.  This week I have looked at the five past elections and analysed the performance of the housing market over the 12 months prior to the election in terms of capital city […]

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Estimated dollar value gain from market trough to end of June 2013

The average capital city home owner is almost $30,000 better off since Australia’s housing market started to recover in June last year.

Over the past five years to July 2013 dwelling values across Australia’s capital cities have increased by 14.8%.  That’s interesting information, but for a lot of people it actually doesn’t mean much at all.  A percentage shift doesn’t provide a great deal of context about the raw magnitude of the change.  Home owners are more interested in how […]

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