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pc of migrants 2003 v 2013

Where are the migrants to Australia coming from?

RP Data’s Property Pulse this week included a research article on population growth (the Property Pulse is delivered to RP Data subscribers each week). As a broad overview, Australia’s population growth rate over the 2012 calendar year was recorded at 1.75% – the most rapid rate of population growth in three years. There were an […]

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Perth ssd

Q: When is a city not a city? | A: When it’s a suburb (or a council region or a statistical division or a statistical subdivision or a…)

Often times when we are presenting our research findings we find there is sometimes confusion about the geographic boundaries we are reporting on.  Take our standard indices reporting for example, which is typically across capital city boundaries.  As a default, whenever we are reporting on capital cities we use the respective capital city statistical division […]

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Where's the gain

Largest falls and greatest gains in property values around the country

A quick update on where the largest declines in residential property values have been experienced and where the largest capital gains have been recorded across the country. The bar charts below show the top 30 statistical divisions nationally for the largest ‘peak to current’ decline in dwelling values (ie change in house and unit value […]

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Annual change in dwelling values and rents versus gross rental yield combined Melbourne

The destruction and gradual reconstruction of rental yields in Australia

Looking at the historical growth cycle of capital city rents and value growth, it has been quite a rare occurrence for weekly rents to outpace dwelling values for growth.  In fact, since 1996 there have been only two periods where weekly rents significantly outpaced dwelling values.  The first of these occasions was during the GFC […]

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