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The top 20 most ‘crowded’ suburbs across Australia

Where can you find the most people packed into one suburb?  According to the latest Census data, look no further than the inner Sydney suburb of Elizabeth Bay.  This suburb covers about one quarter of a square kilometre of prime Inner Sydney real estate and, according to the latest Census figures, is home to 5,093 […]

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Pop growth vs arrivals

302,565 reasons why demand for housing is rising

Quarterly population growth data was released earlier this week by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) for the December 2011 quarter.  The data highlighted that over the 2011 calendar year, Australia’s residential population increased by 302,565 equating to a growth rate of 1.36%.In both raw number and percentage terms the annual population increase was the […]

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Wisest place for savings

Is the housing market set to make a comeback?

My short answer to that question would be maybe/sort of but the long answer is much more insightful. Consumer sentiment data for June released by Westpac and the Melbourne Institute this week showed that overall confidence remained quite weak however, the time to buy a dwelling index increased by 8.2% (This sub-index of the broader […]

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Funding composition of banks in Australia

Will the gap between the cash rate and mortgage rates come back to ‘normal levels’? Not likely in the near future.

Up until December 2007 the gap between variable mortgage rates and the Reserve Bank’s cash rate was 180 basis points; a gap which hardly changed between 1997 and the end of 2007. Since the onset of the GFC the only consistency between the variable mortgage rate and the cash rate has been a widening gap […]

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Net arrivals

Why haven’t the number of home sales and dwelling approvals moved in line with population growth?

With the release of the latest building approvals data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics this week for April 2012 we are seeing no signs of improvement for the home building sector.  The lack of activity has a significant multiplier effect across the economy; not only is it those linked directly to the construction sector […]

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