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Auction clearance melb v national 600w

Auction market remains strong with Melbourne leading the charge

Australia’s auction market reached a likely crescendo last week when 2,358 auctions were held – the highest volume of auctions since we began collecting data nationally in the middle of 2008.  The national clearance rate remained just above 70 percent highlighting that buyers and sellers are still closely aligned in their expectations of market pricing. […]

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43 saunders close view

Record home sale shows top end is back… but will the fear of rising sea levels deter future waterfront purchasers?

A Perth mansion recently sold for $57.5 million dollars – a new record price for Australian real estate.  It is clear why the property, which was originally listed for sale at $70 million, fetched such a landmark value at sale.  There were three self contained homes, cinema, pool, tennis court, gym and boathouse on more […]

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The population is just different here

This week our blog follows on from out topic last week (please refer) and provides a ‘compare & contrast’ of the Australia’s population by looking at how centralised it is. Last week I highlighted the fact that most people live in the capital cities.  As at June 2008, Australia’s estimated residential population was approximately […]

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What to do, what to do about affordable housing and supply?

There was some very interesting commentary this week on the state of the property market.  Firstly, Ric Battellino the Deputy Governer of the Reserve Bank gave a speech on myriad of issues including dwelling supply at the national Housing Supply Conference in Melbourne this week.  His comments agreed with the consensus (yours truly included) that […]

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Cash rate vs mortgage rate

Is the Australian banking system really competitive?

The Reserve Bank of Australia’s Assistant Governor Guy Debelle stated this week that there was enough competition in the Australian mortgage market to limit profit taking by the major banks despite increases in margins for personal and business loans. It was an interesting comment given that the financial sector today only has four primary players […]

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Fertility rate over time

How to manage our population boom?

Australia is going through a baby boom.  Over the last year 293,600 babies were born in Australia; an absolute record number of new arrivals.  At the same time, Australia is recording the highest level of overseas migration on record.  The steep ‘natural increase” (ie births minus deaths) and the rate of overseas migration have combined […]

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Variable mortgage rate last ten years

Housing affordability likely to move back onto centre stage.

The decision from the Reserve Bank to raise interest rates by a further 25 basis points has been met with mixed reactions.  First home buyers and low income households are going to feel the pinch the most, as are those mortgage holders that managed to stretch their budgets too thinly without allowing for the time […]

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Australia is being let down by poor public transport infrastructure

I have spent the last month travelling around Europe, visiting 12 different cities and the thing this has taught me is that Australia’s public transport is not up to scratch.  The question must be asked why do Governments continue to build more an more roads (usually toll roads these days) instead of providing real public […]

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Is Australian housing really that over priced

I’m writing this blog entry from an internet cafe in Riga, Latvia as I am lucky enough to be on a month’s holiday.  My previous stop was St Petersburg and my tour guide provided a very interesting insight into the local property market which I thought I’d share with you.  Of course these are just […]

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Auction results

The real deal with auction results

Last weekend was another stellar week for Australia’s auction markets.  The national weighted average clearance rate was 75 percent (the 14th consecutive week of national clearance rates being above 70 percent) and the total number of auctions across the country is still well above average:  there were 1,310 auctions held last week compared with the […]

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